Statement of Quality Policy

It is the policy of the Company to operate a documented quality management system that meets and exceeds the requirements of ISO9001.  The policy is intended to ensure that the customer’s requirements are met at all times whilst at the same time, returning a reasonable profit to the Company.  The means of achieving these objectives are clearly defined in the documented processes and procedures that are contained in the quality management system manuals.

The manual is readily available to all members of the Company for their guidance.  Compliance with the requirements detailed in the quality management system manual is mandatory for all personnel in order to ensure that the quality objectives are met.

Senior management of the Company monitor and review the outcome of the processes and procedures, together with an analysis of customer satisfaction on a regular basis in order to identify opportunities for improvement and ensure that the quality management system remains effective and suitable for the Company’s operations.

Senior management is responsible for the quality of the services provided by the Company, and for ensuring that the necessary resources are made available to enable this quality policy to be implemented.

Andy Price
Managing Director

15th April 2024
Review date – April 2025