Healthcare & Medical

Nowhere is our commitment to quality more evident than in our provision of specialist medical and clinical cleaning services delivered to CQC standards. Our solutions, which include a full range of medical waste disposal services, are tailored to your requirements and include planning, delivery and monitoring elements with the objective of ensuring you meet and exceed the National Specifications for Cleanliness.

Officlean provide a cleaning and maintenance hygiene practice following CQC guidelines, by supplying a flexible, effective cleaning plan tailored specifically to your business needs. With over 55 years experience in cleaning, we can ensure to deliver the best cleaning plans that help navigate your cleaning routine and support you in passing your CQC inspection, through providing a bespoke high quality cleaning package that includes:

  • A bespoke cleaning plan, managed in detail and reviewed at regular intervals to ensure a solid routine is in place and adhered to
  • An auditable paper trail showing roles and responsibilities of all cleaning staff
  • Colour coded equipment to help prevent the spread of infection and contamination
  • Excellent supervision to ensure all practices are monitored appropriately
  • Regular communication with the Practice Manager/GP ensuring a proactive approach to maintaining the standards of cleanliness
  • Advice on all health and safety issues, COSHH and the introduction of new and better anti bacterial products when available

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