Maintaining Service Standards in Every Sphere of Operation …

The very nature of the contract cleaning industry means that the contractor’s work is appraised every time it is carried out.  In other words, Officlean is judged on the quality of its most recent job. Because of that, Officlean operates an efficient quality monitoring system which has evolved over 55 years trading to ensure the highest standards are provided consistently and with a smile.

Most importantly, the system ensures that Officlean managers are made quickly aware of any problems so that remedial action can be taken – often before the customer realises that there is anything amiss. The effectiveness of the system has contributed in no small measure to the company’s consolidated growth and substantial long-term customer base.

Officlean recognises that success depends ultimately on the people employed to deliver its services and is proud of its record of recruiting, training, motivating and retaining a loyal and committed staff group.

Users of Officlean services can rest assured that the company does not rest on its laurels.  Throughout the organisation the goal is to maintain and wherever possible improve service standards in every sphere of operation – all the while remaining competitive and providing value for money.

At Officlean, second best is never an option

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